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I am a litigation consultant and strategist, owner and CEO of

Shari Belitz Communications, LLC a company which provides

mock trials, focus groups, jury selection, and other litigation consulting services to lawyers and insurance industry professionals.

I am also founder of its companion course EnPSYCHLAWpedia™

an educational platform which uses video and written materials to teach lawyers how to use social psychology to achieve favorable litigation outcomes, at settlement or trial.

Prior to my litigation consulting career, I was an insurance coverage attorney at a law firm and litigation manager in-house at AIG where I handled complex mass tort lawsuits for Fortune 500 insured clients. During my legal career, I took a leap of faith and pursued a dream I had always had which was studying forensic psychology, including advanced jury science and research at the graduate level. I went on to receive a certificate in Behavioral Economics as well.

My passion is the study of human behavior, cognitive biases, and decision making and its effects in litigation and at trial. I enjoy sharing my expertise on the intersection of law and psychology by advising and assisting clients. 


My dream/retirement job is to write the headlines for the

New York Post.


"I had the pleasure of getting to know Shari when we worked together on a litigation several years ago. I always had great admiration for her professional background, a lawyer, with vast insurance industry knowledge, who later followed her dream and returned to graduate school to study psychology/jury research. Watching Shari present is both a memorable and a mesmerizing experience.  Shari can take a complicated fact or legal pattern, break it into digestible parts and make it interesting for her audience. Further, Shari is a person of great integrity, who I have grown to trust implicitly."

- Salvatore J. Calabrese, 

General Counsel Hillmann Consulting LLC

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