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"Shari joined me on a podcast episode to discuss social inflation and the rise of the nuclear verdict and then on a later episode to discuss how the current COVID-19 crisis may affect these phenomena. With her background in the fields of law, psychology and insurance, Shari brings incredible analysis and insight on these challenging issues and explains them in a very relatable fashion. If you are involved in any way with claims or lawsuits, you definitely need to hear what Shari has to say."

- Michael L. Young

Partner at HeplerBroom LLC

"Shari was the final speaker at the Professional Liability Attorney Network (PLAN) event at Citifield and within seconds, she launched into her presentation using baseball analogies, optical illusions, and engaging the audience in a dynamic one hour presentation. When you ask Shari to teach a CLE seminar, it takes just a few minutes to recognize she is not an ordinary presenter. She draws you into the world of psychology and teaches you how to apply it to your litigation practice. She speaks with excitement, authenticity, and candor and seems to connect with everyone in the room."

- Justin Levine, 

Partner at Cole, Scott & Kissane, P.A

"Shari is an entertaining, exciting presenter. She appeared as a guest on our podcast, “The Defense Never Rests,” and offered insightful analysis about social inflation and the rise of nuclear verdicts by dissecting and evaluating the various phenomena giving rise to this trend. Drawing on her professional backgrounds in the law and psychology, Shari gave our audience a comprehensive, thoughtful perspective on this topic.  She is skilled in taking complicated concepts and making them easy to understand, using analogy, storytelling, and history."

- Patricia J. Baxter

Managing Partner at Morgan Akins and Charles

- Scott Rybny

Partner and Chair Insurance Coverage & Extra-Contractual Liability Group at Morgan and Akins

"Shari should be your first call if you want to take your trial prep to the next level, even if you are a seasoned litigator with plenty of jury trials under your belt! I knew Shari was amazing when we found ourselves as coauthors of #Networked, but I didn’t know the full extent of her talents until she reviewed a trial transcript for me. After 15 years trying cases as a prosecutor, I wanted to be sure I was maximizing my effectiveness as a criminal defense attorney. Shari dissected my voir dire, opening, witness exams, & closing. She has given me wonderful strategies as I move forward & I cannot wait to pick my next jury using Shari’s feedback!"

-Christon S. Halkiotis

Esq., Criminal Defense Attorney

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