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Shari Belitz at NYU - June 17, 2020

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

Shari Belitz was a guest speaker at NYU, Schack Institute to discuss cognitive biases with respect to negotiation.

I click on the Zoom link and I’m here! At NYU!

I prefer the scenic route. So I pretend.

I’m Zooming through my quiet Yorkville neighborhood.

I pass the park where I pushed my twins in their big stroller.

Where they learned to walk.

Where I watch them play basketball.

I pass the Deutsche Kirche, the shuls, the grand mosque.

I Zoom west towards the Met, the Neue Galerie, and the Frick.

I Zoom by the Plaza where I took my daughter to see Eloise.

I Zoom straight through Midtown, home of the 3 hour lunch.

I pass Grand Central and glance East toward the UN.

I pass the Flatiron Building. Breathtaking.

I’m at Washington Square Park. Under the magnificent arch.

At NYU! To teach! The PSYCHOLOGY METHODOLGY FOR LITIGATION EDUCATION and how cognitive biases affect decision making in negotiations.

Thank you Phil Neuer for this wonderful opportunity.

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