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THE SHELFIE - Shari Belitz interviewed on NEXL Discovery

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

I met Ben through a SHELFIE. In my old life we would have met at a conference.

But this isn’t my old life. We met through a SHELFIE.

In my old life we would have had a conversation about work, shook hands, exchanged cards.

We would be wearing NAMETAGS.

But there weren’t cards, handshakes or NAMETAGS.

There wasn’t small talk.

He led with Carl Jung. Then moved into social psychology, cognitive biases, human behavior.

We talked Robert Greene, Adam Grant, Ray Dalio, Malcolm Gladwell.

Because of the SHELFIE.

I think Ben is secretly my younger brother.

In my old life I wouldn’t have thought this. But I do. Because of the SHELFIE.

Weeks ago Ben saw a vlog of me with my bookshelf in the background. He sent me a picture of his bookshelf. Which could have been my bookshelf. But it was his bookshelf.

We became friends (even though I think he might be my younger brother).

I’m not going to wear a NAMETAG anymore.

I’m going to take a photo of my bookshelf and wear it.

I’d rather meet through a SHELFIE.

BELOW: Ben and me chatting about books, social psychology, and how a bad date in college brought me to start a company teaching The PSYCHOLOGY METHODOLOGY FOR LITIGATION EDUCATION----29 years later

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